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box of kittens Resources available for Spay/Neuter and Vaccine Clinics


There are many resources available in the Fresno area.  ACT is excited to announce a community spay & neuter effort.  We have received some grant funds to help those in need.  We cannot guarantee that we can help every situation, but we can see if we have any programs available.  If you need assistance in order to spay/neuter your pet(s), please fill out this online Spay & Neuter Assistance Form .
One of the most affordable spay/neuter option is the HOPE Animal Foundation .  The HOPE Animal Foundation is a low-cost, high-quality, high-volume, non-profit  spay & neuter clinic.  Our community is very fortunate to have this wonderful resource available to us.  Over the last 6 years, HOPE has spayed & neutered over 100,000 community animals and is still going strong.  They continue to solicit funding to offer special programs to further discount their already low prices.  This is amazing and shows the commitment of this wonderful group.  Call them at (559) 271-0209 for more information about their programs or to make an appointment!  

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1. Because it's better for your pet.  Spaying females eliminates the possibility of ovarian and uterine cancer and reduces the possibility of mammary cancer.  It also eliminates heat cycles, false pregnancies and uterine infections.  Neutering males eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer and can reduce the possibility of prostate diseases.
2. Because it's better for you.  Spaying and neutering can make pets better, more affectionate companions.  They can have less drive to roam in search of a mate and neutering can reduce the urge for males to mark their territory.  You will no longer have to deal with the messy and annoying issues associated with a female in heat.
3. Because it's better for your community.  Unaltered animals are responsible for the vast overflow of animals in shelters across the nation.  Unaltered animals are more likely to roam the streets, fight and bite.  While roaming, they urinate and defecate in gutters, yards and flowerbeds, causing a threat to both public safety and health.  Thousands of innocent animals are put to death in your community every year simply because there are not enough homes for them all.  This problem has been created by irresponsible breeding - be it a puppymill, backyard breeder, or an "accidental" litter - and spay and neuter is the ONLY way to prevent pet overpopulation.
4. Because now that you've read this page, there is no reason not to.

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